2013 Agenda

Day 1Thursday, June 6

Yoga at the St Julien or Morning Walk / Run on the Boulder Creek Path


Welcome to Big Boulder!

Accelerating the Social Data Ecosystem

A talk by Chris Moody from Gnip

Building the Location Layer of the Internet

An Interview with Mike Harkey from Foursquare

Unleashing the Creative Expression of 100 Million People

An interview with Derek Gottfrid of Tumblr

Morning Break

Social Data in Brazil

An Interview with Daniel Heise and Gabriel BaƱos

Tweets, Texts and Tickers

A Discussion with the NYSE, NASDAQ, Thomson Reuters and Markit


Social Data in China

An Interview with Ken Hu and Mike Smith from Soshio

Mining Consumer Opinion in Comments

An Interview with Daniel Ha and Steve Roy from Disqus

Afternoon Break

Social Data in Academic Research

Sherry Emery, Abe Kazemzadeh and Jaime Settle Discuss the Role of Social Data in Their Research

Driving Citizen Outcomes

An Interview with Jason Thomas from Thomson Reuters about the Use of Social Data in Government

Day One Wrap-Up

Jud Valeski Summarizes Key Themes from the Day



Day 2 Friday, June 7

Sunrise Hike at Chautauqua Park


Welcome to Day Two!

Twitter Certified Program and International Expansion

An Interview with Conway Chen and Zach Hofer-Shall from Twitter

Measuring Impact on Facebook

An Interview with Daniel Slotwiner from Facebook

Morning Break

Social Data in Japan

An Interview with Koki Uchiyama from Hottolink

Creating and Sharing Content on WordPress

An Interview with Paul Maiorana from Automattic

Social Data and Primetime TV

An Interview with Maya Harris from GetGlue


Data Science and Social Data

Data Scientists from Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr Discuss the Challenges and Opportunities in Social Data

Social Analytics and Business Intelligence

Susan Etlinger, Shawn Rogers and John Lovett Discuss What's Next for Social and BI

Thoughts from Big Boulder

Jud Valeski Wraps Up Key Themes from Big Boulder

B-Cycle Tour